Welcome to "Orphanage Camps"

The Orphanage is a group of three camps, based on the original
founding concept of the Orphan camp in 2010.


We BUILD better Burners

Our camps create the interactivity that is critical to the Burning Man experience.
Additionally we provide a well organized and comfortable camp to call home.

Interactivity planned for 2018:

  • Orphanage Bar & Brewery, voted one of the top 25 bars in BRC
  • TRUMP ASSault, giant dildos, baseball bats and the DONALD
  • Daddy WARBUCKS Cigar Lounge
  • GORT Fishing Shack & Hoist, fish for hippies with Hi Tech baits
  • BB-8 Vodka Infusion bot, Over a dozen to choose from
  • Swinging DICKS bowling pit

We are NOT a Plug & Play camp!

All of our campers are expected to PARTICIPATE in making the magic that is Black Rock City. If you’re looking for a P&P or tunkey camp, do us all a favor and go to Coachella or EDC……..

Fun at camp

camp history

A Bit of History...

In 2010, the Orphan camp was established for “loners who didn’t want to be totally alone”. Orphans who either couldn’t talk anyone into going with them; or their friends had bailed, or couldn’t get a ticket. The original Orphan Endorphin camp grew in popularity and size over 2011 and 2012, and we filled up fast. Not wanting to exclude anyone who wanted the Orphan experience, we created satellite camps. Modeled after the “mothership” these camps developed and evolved based on the character and mood of their populace. In the past, we’ve had camps feature a high-rise scaffolding structure, a custom washing machine burn barrel, and a mobile coffee delivery wagon.
In 2013, we expanded again, moved the camps from the 3 o’clock side to the other side of the city, and became even more crazy! All three camps were located on the 8 o’clock radial, with Orphan Endorphin at B street, Orphans Too at H, and Li'l Orphan Annex at I. We added community shade structures for tents and established the Asylum Bar at Orphans Too. The Orphanage Bar at Orphan Endorphin enhanced its reputation as being THE most popular 24/7 ‘dive bar’ to hang out at. Frank, our magic transvestite goat mascot, became the victim of what is now known as the “Frank Wars”, and suffered humiliation and mutilation at the hands of the ‘rebel scum’ at Orphans Too.

In 2014, we expanded yet again, with more community shade space and more interactivity. The “three camp” model worked really well. Orphan Endorphin was located at a prime location at 7.30 & B, at the mouth of the 7.30 portal. Orphans Too was at 7.15 & H, and Li'l Orphan Annex was at 7.15 & J. The Orphanage Bar served copious quantities of beer, much of it brewed by our growing community of Orphan Homebrewers. We created the battle arena and brought Hippie Hunger Games to the playa for the first time at Orphan Endorphin. The Asylum Bar at Orphans Too became a popular suburban bar. Li'l Orphan Annex was a huge success, and served as a haven of relative peace and quiet on the edge of the city. The “Frank Wars” continued, and Frank even made it on a plane to take a flight above Black Rock City.

2015. Damn, it was dusty! Despite the wind, we successfully set up our biggest camps yet - more shade, more interactivity and more campers spread across our three camps. Orphan Endorphin was at 7 & A, Orphan’s Too was at 7:15 & E, and Li'l Orphan Annex was at 7:15 & J. The Orphanage Bar provided was a refuge from the weather with all the finest beer you could drink! Our homebrewers brought our ciders, meads, and gallons of homebrewed beer. We even had a midnight brew session on a particularly chilly night. When the weather climbed back up in the afternoons, we served ice cream to delighted passersby! We managed to hold the CARnival of Death Race when the dust died down. Our campers brought out projects including an incredible interactive light dome, and a cozy cuddle puddle yurt that was a popular spot to hide out from the weather. The Asylum Bar was back with even more delicious beer. Li'l Orphan Annex celebrated the marriage of two of our campers!

The Orphanage camps get stronger every year. In 2017, we are attempting a village model. We intend to combine powers of all the great people we’ve collected over the years, while maintaining autonomy of each camp and their campers.


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Principal Principles



Here Are The 3 Camps

Orphan Endorphin Camp MORE

More interactivity, more campers, more craziness!

Orphan Endorphin in 2018 will include campers who have already camped with one of our camps in the past. Newbies must be sponsored by a member if you want to join! Our campers are the lifeblood that keeps the interactivity going and the beer flowing.

We provide massive infrastructure including a community kitchen, showers, evap pond and tent shade. We’re always placed in the 7:30 sector, known far and wide as the best neighborhood in all of Black Rock City

NEW for 2018, your adoption fee INCLUDES a 10x10 shade space under the (O)rphanage) (S)hade (H)ousing (I)ndividual (T)ents

Adoption fees (non refundable):
$200.00 USD

OE camp photo 2015


Orphans Too MORE

A subdivision within the ORPHANAGE

Located in the back 40 of the village, this camp will share the same amenities as Orphan Endorphin, including a fully equipped kitchen, showers, and gray water evap pond. There is NO tent shade option for this camp!

Adoption fees (non refundable):
$150.00 USD

Your adoption fees help pay for camp operations, infrastructure, storage, transport, repair and replacement. Additionally it enables us to gift massive amounts of alcohol to the citizens of BRC.

OT camp photo 2014


Li’l Orphan Annex MORE

A suburban outpost

Li’l Orphan Annex offers a peaceful retreat for our quiet-seeking campers who still want to participate in the Orphanage activities. We are laid-back, friendly folk who take pride in our radical self-reliance, while enjoying each other’s company. We encourage new members and experienced burners who prefer a little more independence.

The Annex offers a large community shade shelter to escape to blistering rays of the SUN and a fully-equipped kitchen. We reserve land in rural Black Rock City, where your chances of getting a decent night’s sleep improve. There is NO shower or evap pond, and NO tent shade.

Adoption fees (non refundable): $75.00 USD

Your adoption fees help pay for camp operations, infrastructure, storage, transport, repair and replacement. Additionally it enables us to gift massive amounts of alcohol to the citizens of BRC.