Fish for Hippies in the turbulent streets of Black Rock City

The PLAYA's most amusing spectator sport, Hippie Fishing pits wits with the angler using a variety of baits (baggies filled with oregano, glow sticks, ect) to lure in SPARKLE PONIES, BURGINS, RANGERS, and DPW.

Once the quarry takes the bait, your First Mate will have to run out and net the "fish", while your Second Mate beats the "fish" into submission with a NERF bat. After landing, we'll hang the fish upside down on our FISH HOIST for a souvenir trophy photo.

Normally Captain RON preaches a "catch and release" ethos. We reward our catch for being a good sport with a beer from the bar and send them on their way.

Location: Orphan Endorphin Camp


  • Baggies of oregano (hippies)
  • Baggies of powder sugar (yuppies)
  • Glow stix (sparkle ponies)
  • Cell phones (rangers)
  • Digital cameras (DPW)


  • Shimano DLX Heavy Freshwater rods & reels
  • Berkley UGLY STIX rods
  • TRILENE fluorocarbon lines
  • SPYDER WIRE braid lines
  • Punjab PRO 6ft rubber nets

Fishing inset image