Lil Orphan Annexee

Li’l Orphan Annex was the second “spin-off” camp from the main Orphan Endorphin camp in 2011. It offers a rural location (on the outer streets) with the essential “community” shade structure and a fully equipped kitchen. It is small and very quiet with a maximum of 30 burners.

If this is your first time to Burning Man, you may be uncertain whether you want to camp alone, or join an established camp (with the risk that you find out that you joined the “wrong” camp!). Li’l Orphan Annex may be ideal for you. It is cheap and basic, BUT provides you with a friendly burner family for the week to look after each other and have adventures!

Lil Orphan Inset
You will always have access to, and the support of the other two Orphanage camps if you need it. The Orphanage community will provide guidance to help you with your planning, and with anything unexpected that arises whilst you are dusty!

You are ALWAYS welcome to come drink at the Orphanage Brewery & Bar at the main camp and join in the social activities.

You DO need to be radically self-reliant when you turn up and “plonk” your stuff down. And your fellow Orphans will expect you to have grasped the burner principles and to bring a positive burner attitude.

Features subhead

COMMUNITY KITCHEN A fully-equipped community kitchen.


When we have a full tribe of Li’l Orphans signed up, it is normal that we all work together to make the communal camp as comfortable and fun as possible. Some people may bring extra shade, or snacks, or extra costumes, camp lights, music … or other fun, crazy stuff!

If you are unsure unsure HOW to contribute, don’t panic … just bring a smile and a hug! It is US amazing burners that make our camp what it is, not the infrastructure.

You don’t have to spend any time in the camp if you don’t want to. You can happily explore the playa on your own if you want. Often a few of us will head out together on some weird quest … join in, don’t join in … it matters not! But your family will be here if you need us.

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Li’l Orphan Annex will NOT provide the following :

  • a Playa Bicycle
  • Food
  • Water for drinking, cooking or showering
  • Booze or soft drinks for your personal consumption
  • Camp chairs
  • Showers or Shower bags
  • An Evap Pond
  • Communal trash bags or gray water disposal containers


Li’l Orphan Annex welcomes everybody from all corners of the observable universe.
Adoption fees (non refundable):  $60.00 USD per person.