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Orphans Too was the first “spin-off” camp from the main Orphan Endorphin mothership camp in 2011. It is coming home to roost this year in the Orphanage Village and hosting the Orphanage Bar.

Orphans Too welcomes virgin burners, solo burners, and burners that have not camped with us before. We are a multi-national camp, welcoming people from across the globe.

PARTICIPATION is important to us. Any theme, ethos and activities are planned by the members of the camp in the months leading up to the Burn… we are limited only by our imagination, enthusiasm and resources!

If this is your 1st or 2nd time to Burning Man, Orphans Too would be a good fit because you get some facilities, security and community feeling of a camp.

You DO need to be radically self-reliant when you turn up and "plonk" your stuff down. However, we expect you to have grasped the burner principles and bring a positive, friendly burner attitude.

The way it works is this : when we have a full tribe of Orphans Too signed and paid-up, it is expected that we all work together to make the communal camp as awesome as it can be. Some people may bring extra costumes, camp lights, music, plan a party …. and other fun, crazy, goofy stuff!

Orphans TOO is YOUR camp! It will be as amazing as YOU make it!

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THE ORPHANAGE BREWERY & BAR will be gifting over 400 gallons of fine beers and ciders from microbreweries and hand-crafted award winning homebrewers. We will also be brewing beer on-playa this year. All served at the perfect temperature from our kegerators and freezers. The Orphanage Bar features a full-sized shaded patio bar with bar seating and lounge sofas.
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VODKA INFUSIONS featuring a dazzling array of home-infused concoctions to tickle and burn baby!
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MS. HANNIGAN'S HAPPY HOUR Join us for a random hour of cold libations during the hottest part of the day. These drinks are the best you can get on the playa! Customary drinks from around the world, served by our Orphans. But be warned it is just 1 hour long. After it's over our bar patrons are tipsy for sure, so we turn up the tunes and create the memories you walk away with.

SING-ALONGS at the bar Participate in sing-alongs during afternoons at the Orphanage bar! In the past, we've organized huge groups to sing together to songs we all know the words to (whether we'll admit it or not) including Backstreet Boys, the Beatles and other classic pop songs.

SPUTNIK FIRE BARREL Burning all evening and night, so long as we feed it!


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Our camp will include:

  • OSHIT (O)rphanage (S)hade (H)ousing (I)ndividual (T)ents. Reserved tent shade. 2,400 sq ft of tent shade.

  • ORPHANAGE KITCHEN A 20 feet x 20 feet fully-equipped community kitchen.

    20x20 shaded dining area with alfresco seating for (20) and REAL honest to god chairs!
  • SHADED LOUNGE with sofa seating and rugs.
  • RESERVED CAMP SPACE in a prime location.
  • SHOWERS – but NOT shower bags!


The Orphan / Endorphin camp will not provide the following :

  • A playa bicycle
  • Food
  • Water for drinking or cooking or washing
  • Your own private supply of booze
  • Soft drinks
  • Snacks
  • Extra camp chairs
  • Shower bags


Everyone is welcome at Orphans Too!
Adoption Fees (non refundable):
$150.00 USD per person, or $205.00 USD with OSHIT rental.



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