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 April 12th, 2016

Registration for all camps is OPEN for 2016! Register now and pay to reserve your spot. REGISTER HERE



 March 12th, 2015

The ORPHANS TOO camp is now full. We have taken over 60 registrations in just over 3 weeks! Registration for the camp may open again in the future, as people’s plans change. Please register to be placed on our Waitlist.



 Feb 27th, 2015

Welcome to the updated website for the Orphanage camps at Burning Man 2015! Registration for all three camps is now OPEN! The camps will fill up quickly this year, so do not dawdle. The core Orphanage crew all managed to get tickets in the Directed Group Sale, so the infrastructure of the camps will be there on the playa waiting for you! We sympathize with the difficulty of the main ticket sale, and we hope you were either successful, or will manifest a ticket in the coming months. We will help if we can. Dusty hugs and playful spanks! The Orphan Elders.