We hope that by now you know about the Ten Principles of the Burning Man community. We will not repeat them here, but in case you need to be reminded please click below



You really need to study these very carefully and fully embrace what these mean for the burner community, for you, and for your camp mates.


We would like to highlight a few of these, because they relate particularly to the concept of the Orphanage camps.


Radical Self-Reliance

Radical self-reliance is important at an Orphanage camp. Why? Firstly, because we do NOT supply you with water or food … or any of the other “stuff” that you will need to have a great experience out here on the playa. Secondly, if you come completely prepared and self-reliant, it will allow you to be more “free” to participate and gift your something special to the community and your camp mates. Thirdly, you really REALLY do not want to be viewed by your camp mates as an unpleasant burden. Yes, we will look after you if you are in trouble or distressed in any way … but don’t let that happen because you came unprepared.


MOOP (aka Leave no Trace)

MOOP – Matter Out Of Place. i.e. Trash or Rubbish.

This is a MAJOR issue in any camp at Burning Man. Our rule … and yes, this is the only golden rule we have … is that if you “pack it in” then you “pack it out”. And that means EVERYTHING, even down to the smallest button or thread or cigarette butt or wood-chip or nail!

The Orphanage camps have ALWAYS been very successful in leaving no trace.

During the week, we will have very few places within the camp that you can anonymously “dump” your trash. This means that you need to come prepared to collect your own trash in bags and “pack it out” with you in your own vehicle.

A n important note regarding GRAY water.  Please ONLY use the showers and evap ponds for showering and washing.  Do NOT put gray water from your cooking into the evap ponds!  Bring your own gray water container, or use empty water containers, and “pack it out!”.  Plan to cook food that leaves minimal gray water.


You will NOT believe how emotional and upset we get about MOOP … BEWARE!

As you should know, there is a list of things that you CANNOT bring to Burning Man.  And there are things that you SHOULD NOT bring. Please visit the Burning Man website to familiarise yourself with these.

Principles Inset
Radical Participation & Self-Expression; Gifting

The worst label you can have at Burning Man is a “TOURIST”. i.e. somebody who does not participate.

You are expected to bring something colorful, crazy, sexy to the city and to the Orphanage camps. The Burning Man organization does not provide the entertainment and the craziness … you … yes YOU! YOU have to bring all of that mad stuff! And you bring it all as a GIFT to your camp mates and to the wider community.

How can you do that? Here are a few ideas :

  • Help someone set up their tent. And bring them a cold drink!

  • Hug everyone!

  • Smile like an idiot

  • Dance like your pussy or bollocks are on fire!

  • Think of the most crazy costume … then make it even more outrageous. Wear it for breakfast!

  • Cook or prepare some food as a “gift” for camp members who happen to be around … Bacon!

  • Bring some music on an iPod and play it in the Bar and/or on the KTOO Radio.

  • Be very sexy and crazy! WE LIKE that!

Just a word on “gifting” : You do not need to gift “objects” e.g. trinkets, stickers. You can gift your time, your help, your energy, your POSITIVE, SEXY ATTITUDE. That is often much more appreciated.